Wilderness adventure the way you like it

Svansele Wilderness center offers something for everyone. Activities in the wilderness for groups all year round. Wildlife exhibition with over 650 stuffed animals and other exciting activities.

Trail riding in Svansele

Horses of Taiga, a newly started company offer horse riding in the wilderness. From 1 hour to a whole week.

Luxury in the middle of the forest

Hotell Källan Spa & Konferens - a gem in the heart of Västerbotten

Norsjö - an attractive and enterprising municipality where body and soul have time

Norsjö municipality is a quiet, safe and enjoyable municipality with a varied and inspiring range of activities. Both for the tourist who wants to visit one of our many attractions and for those of you who are resident and would like to have recreation or leisure activity.


Norsjö – for body and soul

Norsjö is situated in Västerbotten’s inland, a region filled with green forests and clear lakes and bursting with beautiful views, sights and destinations. From small museums crammed with fantastic local history exhibits to larger attractions, all offer a warm welcome and the unique attractions and glorious surroundings will leave you with a lifetime’s worth of memories.


The food of the future with Svansele Grönt

The food of the future with Svansele Grönt

A carrot laboratory. Yes, you read well. Learn more about why pickled vegetables are in nowadays.

Ernst Alm - Vasaloppet's first victor

Ernst Alm - Vasaloppet's first victor

Ernst Alm was born on the 1st of March 1900 in a smallholder's home in Hemmingen, a village 18 km south-east of Norsjö. He was the fifth ...

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