The food of the future with Svansele Grönt

A carrot laboratory. Yes, you read well. Learn more about why pickled vegetables are in nowadays.

Olof Berglund's Carrot Dairy

Milk-soured cabbage and carrots, carrot marmalade or why not beetroot candy. These are some examples of products you can find at Svansele Grönt. For the tourist, it is a trendy activity to buy locally produced food at the farm shop. But globally, it is a factor for people's survival.

“The lactic acid helps the body break down less pleasant substances in the food like sugar and white flour,” says Olof. In addition, lactated vegetables strengthen the body’s immune system.

Olof welcomes me when I arrive at the farm in Svansele, 20 kilometers northeast of Norsjö. On the table is a vegetarian soup and homemade lingon bread. The raw materials come from his own farm shop of course. Behind the scenes is a carrot dairy, or should I say a laboratory.

It’s hard to put a label on Olof’s business but behind the little farm shop there is knowledge, real dreams and a higher purpose. I’m glad I made the visit and met this great man.

Text: Marino Carlsson

Besök Svansele Grönt

Svansele 2
936 93 Boliden


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