The right of public access

The right of public access

In Sweden, The Right of Public access applies, granted by the Swedish constitution. This means that everyone has the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside.

You are allowed to camp, walk, ski, bike, ride and swim freely under the guideline: Do not disturb – do not destroy. Please note that different rules apply to the protected areas. You are free to pick wild berries, mushrooms, fruit and plants, as long as they are not listed as protected by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

With this right follows a few responsibilities that you have too keep in mind and it is up to you to inform yourself what they are.

Caravan´s and motorhomes
You are allowed to stay up to 24 hours in lay-bys and sign-posted parking areas along public roads.

Camping – tents
You are allowed to put up a tent or two anywhere as long as you don´t disturb the landowners or cause any damage to nature.

You are allowed to bike on private roads and in the country and forests as long as you don´t cause any damage or disturb the landowners.

Dogs are more than welcome to enjoy nature along side of you! Please inform yourself of when and why you have to have your dog in a leash.

Fences and signs
The idea about the public access is that landowners are not allowed to put of signs or fences that keeps you from accessing an important recreation area.

Hiking and skiing
According to the policy of Do not disturb – do not destroy, you are more or less allowed to hike or ski anywhere.

Horse riding
You are allowed to ride freely but take in to consideration that horses cause greater damage on the ground than humans. Avoid riding on soft grounds to minimize the impact.

Hunting and fishing
Hunting and fishing is not included in the Right of Public Access. Special regulations, permits and licences apply. To learn what applies, consult the Fishing Conservation Area (FCA) where you would like to fish.

Lighting campfires
You are allowed to light campfires in the country as long as the conditions are safe. Keep youself updated though if there is a fire ban issued by the County administrative boards or municipal fire and rescue services.

Organized outdoor recreation
It is possible to organize activities and arrangements outdoors but the one arranging it should consult with the county administrative board in advance.

Picking berries, mushrooms, flowers, fruit and more
As mentioned at the top, you are allowed to pick freely from the forests wild pantry, as long as you don´t pick any protected plants. Special rules apply for protected areas.

Private roads
Land owners can not oppose people to walk, hike or bike on private roads but they can ban motor vehicles of any kind, due to the great wear of them.

Protected areas
Different rules and regulations applies in the protected areas, some might restrict and some might expand the Right of Public Access.

Swimming, boating and driving on ice
The same rules apply on both water and land as long as the same rules as always applies: Do not disturb – do not destroy.

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