Travelling to Norsjö

Travel to us

There are many ways of getting to us. Trains, buses, flights and ferries arrive daily at several destinations within our area.

If you are travelling to our area from another destination in Sweden, and not driving here yourself, you can plan your trip with reseplaneraren.



There are three airports in the area, located in Lycksele, Arvidsjaur and Skellefteå.

Book your flight at Enter Lapland.

Lycksele Airport: At Lycksele Airport you can land right in Lapland. Nextjet’s flights take you to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport 7 days a week.

Arvidsjaur Airport: At Arvidsjaur Airport you can land right in Lapland. Nextjet’s flights take you to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport 7 days a week. During the winter you can also book charter flights from Germany, directly to Arvidsjaur, with Fly Car.

Skellefteå Airport: You can fly from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Skellefteå Airport with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) or Norwegian.

Airports in the vicinity: It is also possible to reach Norsjö via Umeå Airport. You can fly to Umeå with SAS and Norwegian from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, or with Malmö Aviation from Stockholm Bromma Airport.



You can take the ferry from Vasa in Finland to Umeå with Wasaline, a four-hour trip across Kvarken. From Umeå you can continue your journey by car, taxi, bus or train.



Taking the train to Norsjö/Bastuträsk is easy and comfortable. You can take SJ’s nighttrain from Göteborg and Stockholm towards Luleå and get off in Bastuträsk, or travel with Norrtåg on the newly-built Botniabanan between Stockholm and Umeå. In the summer you can reach your destination with Inlandsbanan, reaching from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north. Sorsele and Arvidsjaur are good stops on the way to Norsjö.

There are no specific bus services allocated for connections with train traffic. The bus services available for continued journeys are administrated by Länstrafiken. Check with Länstrafiken to see the bus services available at your preferred station.



There are many bus services connecting to Norsjö and most of them are available at Länstrafiken’s webpage. You can also travel with Y-Buss all the way from Stockholm to Umeå, and continue on to Norsjö with Länstrafiken’s services.

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